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These coolers are made, as its name suggest, using molds to ensure its air-tight features. We carry a variety of sizes that are perfect for small to medium size shipments. Our coolers come with a high quality cardboard box that meets FAA standards and using the appropriate amount of dry ice or gel packs can be use for shipments with transit times of up to 5 days.   


Shipping Coolers

Now days the ability to ship perishables in a fast and secure way is directly tie to the quality of the packaging and in consequence affects the financial outcome of the shipping process. For the last 6 years our research team has being working and testing different methods and materials to use in our own temperature controlled packages. The result is a combination of insulation materials and cardboard of different thickness and internal configuration that combined with dry ice or gel packs extent exponentially the safe shipping time for perishable products. Example: shipping frozen calamari in dry ocean containers for periods up to 7 days with excellent results and great saving for our customers. Our packaging is not only excellent for uses in seafood but also for cheese, meat and bakery products, franchise supply stream, pharmaceutical, plasma, etc…
Among our products we include a wide inventory of different size coolers fitted for air or ocean shipments. In case you can’t find what you are looking for we have the ability of make any size of cooler you might need.

Subzero Ice Services is proud to be the leader in customized packaging in South Florida and now also providing the same quality service in Puerto Rico. 
Our panel/logo coolers is a product totally focused on large volume customers using E-Commerce as their main distributions form. These coolers are custom made to exactly fit the product and the dry ice or gel pack needed to reach the final user while keeping the targeted temperature. 
Coolers are made of panels, using these sets storage space is use efficiently to keep inventory. Cardboard boxes can be made with the desired logo using recycled or virgin materials. When using these services our customers not only get a high end quality product that guaranteed the integrity of their product but also by using our system it will save them thousands of dollars when compared with the traditional system.